Is kryptonics a good skateboard?

For skateboard beginners, picking the right skateboard would be the decisive decision that you’ll need to make. Having a good skateboard can really help with learning the basics of skateboarding and give you more confidences.

However, choosing the wrong one and you can waste a lot of effort and may lose your interest in skateboarding.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Kryptonics skateboards to see whether you should trust products from this skateboard brand.

About Kryptonics

If you’re an experienced skateboarder who’ve been skating for decades, the name Kryptonics might be quite familiar to you. The brand has been selling skateboards and especially high-quality wheels since the beginning of the 80s. These are some of the best wheels at that time with great resilience and responsiveness.

Compared to other wheels at the time, their products usually offer better grip and responsiveness. Even with today’s longboard race standard, Kryptonics wheels are still relatively competitive.

However, if you know the current skateboard market well, Kryptonics skateboards are receiving lots of negative feedbacks and bad reputations for selling low-quality products.

And this isn’t just an unfounded claim, it’s true that you can find many poorly-constructed Kryptonics skateboards on every Walmart store. These are nowhere near to the standard skateboards, especially if you take a look at the plastic board categories.

Should I buy the Boosted Board or another electric skateboard?

Should I buy the Boosted Board or another electric skateboard?

It wouldn’t be overly exaggerated to say that it’s Boosted Board and their products which make electric skateboard so popular. In facts, we even have this saying of “when it comes to electric skateboards, there are Boosted boards and the others”.

However, as a wise consumer, it’s okay to be skeptical. So before you say to yourself that these are definitely the best electric skateboards in the market, and you must get yourself one of these.

Let’s find out if the rumors are true, and whether you should buy the Boosted Board or look for other electric skateboards. And if that’s the case, which are the important criterias?

About Boosted Skateboard

the company first ever product

the company first ever product

Their journey begins after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. In the next year, the company first ever product was a massive hit as the Boosted Board became a popular topic at that time. Following their success, the company keeps introducing their new products and begin to sell thousands of electric skateboard worldwide.

Guide to Different Types of Skateboards

Guide to Different Types of Skateboards

What up Skateboarders!

Once I again I would like to share another beginner guide on the different types of skateboards. There is a huge stock of skateboards out there and chances that beginners can feel confused about choosing one.

Don’t worry! I will guide you through all of the common skateboard types and their unique features. Just keep in mind that the best skateboard is the one can match with your style and purpose.

Let’s jump into it now!

1. Mini / small skateboards:

As the name might give out hints to you, these skateboards are great for young children and kids. The decks are usually from 6.5 inches to 7 inches in width, and the length can be varied.

What is great about these skateboards that they are easy for the kids to learn. The deck can be either wood or plastic. Other components such as bearings and trucks are either aluminum or steel.

The special features of this type are greater durability, ultra-lightweight and colorful. As these skateboards are designed for children, many manufacturers really fine tune these top features to ensure both safety and variety.

You can come across these brands as they offer lots of diverse skateboards such as Penny, Xtreme Free, Rimable, Merkapa Skateboards, and more. The designs of these brands are beautiful and attractive to the children’s eyes.

The main purpose here is to help small kids starting to learn about skateboarding. Giving them lots of fun, while withstanding lots of damage and external forces. Since certain kids can really misbehave with their skateboards, the plastic and tough wooden deck are necessary.

Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand? (Updated for 2019)

Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand (Updated for 2019) (2)


In our skateboarding community, most skateboarders should hear the name, Santa Cruz. It has a reputable name over four decades and they also make high-quality skateboards.

If you are new to the brand, then you can rest assured about Santa Cruz’s quality. Their decks are very tough and have plenty of creative designs. The deck price is quite reasonable (from $40 to $140) for both beginners and professionals.

Today, let’s discover together why  Santa Cruz longboards are one of the best longboard for beginners today!


Santa Cruz’s longboards

Santa Cruz’s longboards

A bit of history

Here are the top reasons Santa Cruz’s longboards and skateboards are so great:

Are Powell-Peralta Skateboards A Good Brand For Beginner Adults?



Powell-Peralta has always been one of the most famous companies that are known to provide high-quality skateboards. With a long history and throughout exposure to the market, Powell-Peralta products cover a wide variety of different users and skating styles.

And to help you in deciding whether you should choose their products, we’re prompted to give you legit reviews about their product. Find out if they’re good enough to be your first skateboards.

Are Powell-Peralta Skateboards good?

Powell-Peralta Skateboards

Powell-Peralta Skateboards

The history

The company started joining the skateboard market in 1978 and has made its way to the top leading brands. Their products are known for having impressive craftsmanship while maintaining a relatively inexpensive pricing policy.

Powell-Peralta boards, as described by Steve Caballero, are “flawless, best skateboard for beginners”.

The quality

With a strict production chain, Powell-Peralta products offer smoother rides compared to most other manufacturers. This is largely due to the well-manufactured bearings and wheels that they feature in their product. The high-quality boards will ensure you have the best experiences with your skating.