Should I buy the Boosted Board or another electric skateboard?

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It wouldn’t be overly exaggerated to say that it’s Boosted Board and their products which make electric skateboard so popular. In facts, we even have this saying of “when it comes to electric skateboards, there are Boosted boards and the others”.

However, as a wise consumer, it’s okay to be skeptical. So before you say to yourself that these are definitely the best electric skateboards in the market, and you must get yourself one of these.

Let’s find out if the rumors are true, and whether you should buy the Boosted Board or look for other electric skateboards. And if that’s the case, which are the important criterias?

About Boosted Skateboard

the company first ever product

the company first ever product

Their journey begins after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. In the next year, the company first ever product was a massive hit as the Boosted Board became a popular topic at that time. Following their success, the company keeps introducing their new products and begin to sell thousands of electric skateboard worldwide.

And little by little, Boosted Board has reached a major milestone with over 10 million miles ridden up until now by skaters from all over the world.

The reason behind their success story is quite simple, you’ll just have to deliver the best products and services. That being said, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard, it’s Boosted Board that you should be looking for. Here we’ll be looking at the two most popular product lineups from the company to see which one is more suitable for you.

The original Boosted (Boosted Classic)

The original Boosted board comes with a length of 38 inches, which would be significantly longer than your normal skateboard. With this kind of length, the Boosted Classic board feature great stability as well as a decent flex. It also comes with relatively large and thicker wheels which enhance your overall comfortability when cruising the street.

The top speed that you’ll get on the Boosted Classic is 22 mph, which would be perfect to take you anywhere you wanted as fast as possible. On top of that, the board provides up to 14 miles of range, which can be quickly charged back up within roughly two hours. However, it’s large size makes it a little bit difficult to carry around, especially when you’re short.

The Boosted Mini

On the other hand, the Boosted Mini features a lot of different traits compared to its older brother. It only measured 29.5 inches, which resemble an average skateboard instead of a longboard. And unlike on the classic Boosted board, the Mini version features a solid battery and motor construction at the bottom which solidifies the whole deck.

As a result, you’ll feel the board a little bit stiff and not as flexible as the Classic. However, this also provides an element of durability as well as stability considering that you’re riding on a much shorter board. On top of that, the shorter deck gives you better maneuverability, thus making the mini board a lot easier to handle at tight corners.

The best thing about having the Boosted Mini is that you can have better portability with it. With the relatively smaller size and lighter weight, the board can be easily placed inside your bag or comfortably carried around on one hand.

When it comes to speed, the Boosted Mini can only offer half of what the Boosted Classic is capable of. This, in my opinion, is a huge setback for the Mini version. However, if you want a better range and speed while still want to maintain the same level of portability, you might want to look for the upgraded version of it, which is the Boosted Mini X.

Up until now, the qualities of Boosted boards have been tested by so many skaters. Hence, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good product when buying from Boosted. However, the high pricing might be a little bit challenging. So if you’re looking for a good alternative, it’s essential to learn about the important factors when it comes to electric skateboard.

Factors to consider when buying an electric skateboard

The most electric skateboards

The most electric skateboards


Actually, most electric skateboards are not completely waterproofed. In facts, skateboard companies only provide water resistance for the motors and battery to prevent water from damaging the electric components. As for the other parts like deck, wheels, trucks, or bearings, there are little that we can do to protect them from water leakage.

However, you can reduce the effects by choosing decks that are made from carbon fiber, use bearings with ceramic balls, and many more.


The speed of your electric skateboard would depend a lot on the performance of the motors. So make sure you choose products with decent quality. And the motors should be protected from dust and water to ensure their longevity.

Normally, for casual transportations, your maximum speed should only be at 18 miles per hour. However, if you need to travel faster or simply just want more speed, then 22 miles per hour should be the right amount.


Another important factor when it comes to electric skateboard is the battery, and more specifically, the maximum range that it is able to travel before the battery run out. Most electric skateboards are only capable of traveling 10 miles before they need to be recharged. This is also an ideal range for casual transportations around your city.

However, you should also consider the time it takes for your electric skateboard to be fully charged. If it’s too slow, you won’t be able to start your next ride on time. And when it comes to this, the ideal time should be 1-2 hours.


This is an important factor that mostly depends on our personal preferences, whether you would like to use your board for cruising or racing. For me, most of the time, I only use my electric skateboard to quickly get me to my office. So I always prefer boards that are relatively small and have good maneuverability. This makes the board extremely portable as I can easily place it on my backpack once I reach the destination.

Reliable braking

Not like on the traditional skateboard, when riding on an electric skateboard, you’ll rely a lot on its braking functionality to slow you down. That being said, products with poorly constructed brakes are the ones that you should stay away from.

On the other hand, you should look for electric skateboards with regenerative braking, which is an effective braking method used on many high-quality products. In additions, whenever you slow down using regenerative braking, a portion of the kinetic energy would be absorbed back into the battery, minimizing the energy loss.

Final thoughts

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

The Boosted Board is, without a doubt, a good brand to trust when purchasing your electric skateboard. Their wide range of different products offers comfortable choices for skateboarders. However, if you think the pricing is a bit expensive, you can still select another electric skateboard using our guides.

Thanks for reading and see you in our future posts.