Is kryptonics a good skateboard?

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For skateboard beginners, picking the right skateboard would be the decisive decision that you’ll need to make. Having a good skateboard can really help with learning the basics of skateboarding and give you more confidences.

However, choosing the wrong one and you can waste a lot of effort and may lose your interest in skateboarding.

In this post, we’ll be discussing Kryptonics skateboards to see whether you should trust products from this skateboard brand.

About Kryptonics

If you’re an experienced skateboarder who’ve been skating for decades, the name Kryptonics might be quite familiar to you. The brand has been selling skateboards and especially high-quality wheels since the beginning of the 80s. These are some of the best wheels at that time with great resilience and responsiveness.

Compared to other wheels at the time, their products usually offer better grip and responsiveness. Even with today’s longboard race standard, Kryptonics wheels are still relatively competitive.

However, if you know the current skateboard market well, Kryptonics skateboards are receiving lots of negative feedbacks and bad reputations for selling low-quality products.

And this isn’t just an unfounded claim, it’s true that you can find many poorly-constructed Kryptonics skateboards on every Walmart store. These are nowhere near to the standard skateboards, especially if you take a look at the plastic board categories.

This happens because the same company that has been producing good quality board betrayed their brand name, and began to sell low-quality boards that are made in China. This makes Kryptonics no longer a trusted brand for skateboarders.

Should You Go For A Kryptonics Skateboard?

Is kryptonics a good skateboard

Is kryptonics a good skateboard

For those who’re still indecisive, these are the advantages and disadvantages of buying products from Kryptonic at the time being. You can decide on your own whether it’s worth to invest your money in this kind of board.

The Advantages

Here are the advantages of an average Kryptonics skateboard that might interest you:


First of all, the main reason why everybody is so drawn into these is that they’re fairly cheap compared to a standard skateboard. You can purchase 2-3 Walmart skateboards for that kind of money, so Kryptonics skateboards might look like a more reasonable choice.

In addition, for those who’re just looking to try out a little skating on their new board, there is no need to go for the really high-end products. Instead, the cheap skateboards that are provided by Kryptonics are all that you’ll need.


With mostly plastic components, the Kryptonics skateboards usually come with a ridiculously lightweight. It’s like you’re carrying a Penny board. This is extremely convenient for those who’re only gonna use their boards for casual transportation with no tricks involved.


You can find your Kryptonics skateboards or any other kind of Walmart skateboards in pretty much every one of your local stores. They’re extremely accessible as well as come with varied shape and sizes so you can pick the one that looks the most interesting. In addition, most Kryptonics skateboards are pre-assembled, so they’ll make great presents for your kids.

The disadvantages

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Are MEKETEC Skateboards a good brand For Kids

Now, let us discuss the disadvantages that you would have when owning these kinds of skateboards:

Poorly-constructed decks

Out of the box, these skateboards look like they would make a better toy for your children rather than a solid piece of skateboard. You can feel the differences just by observing the skateboard decks on these things.

For most of the time, these decks are made from plastic to reduce the costs. Which is why they look like they would break just by being stepped on. So if you’re considering a skateboard with plastic decks like these in Walmart, don’t bother or you’ll regret later. These are accidents that just waiting to happen.

And if you manage to get your hands on one of the wooden decks, they would still don’t feel as durable and flexible as a standard skateboard deck. This makes it extremely hard for you to perform any tricks on the skateboards. Plus, you’ll also have to constantly worry about your personal safety while riding on these boards.

Plastic trucks

As if it wasn’t bad enough, they even put plastic trucks on these boards. First of all, it makes your skateboard extremely wobbly and unstable. In additions, you’ll look like an idiot trying to land any tricks on this pair of plastic trucks.

That being said, you’ll find the board extremely hard to control, and you’ll also never know when you would eventually break your trucks.

Still, having plastic trucks would also make your board a lot less heavy, a big thumb up if you just want to use your board as an accessory to carry around.

Stiff and clamping wheels

Another thing with Kryptonics skateboards is the terrible wheel quality. You would never be able to guess what kind of materials they use to make these boards. They might look smooth, flashy, and all, but they are really suck.

In addition, I’ve seen many of them are out-of-round, which could create serious speed wobbles (well, if you manage to go fast with these things) and cause you a lot of injuries.

The poorly-constructed wheels are also vulnerable to rough platforms as well as small rocks and pebbles on the road. I think they’re made of rubber, not the regular polyurethane wheels. So if you’re riding on these board, you’ll need to be extremely careful.

Don’t even mention the bearings

a skateboard shop near me

a skateboard shop near me

And worst of all, I don’t even know if they put bearings on these board or not, but the rolling capability is extremely poor. Hence, you’ll need to push as hard as you can just to keep your board rolling, not to mention going with decent speed.

Although we always say that it depends a lot on your personal preferences when it comes to skateboarding. However, a product like this isn’t worth your money at all, if you’re planning to get into serious skateboarding.

And that’s our opinions on whether Kryptonics skateboards are good. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.