Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand? (Updated for 2019)

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In our skateboarding community, most skateboarders should hear the name, Santa Cruz. It has a reputable name over four decades and they also make high-quality skateboards.

If you are new to the brand, then you can rest assured about Santa Cruz’s quality. Their decks are very tough and have plenty of creative designs. The deck price is quite reasonable (from $40 to $140) for both beginners and professionals.

Today, let’s discover together why  Santa Cruz longboards are one of the best longboard for beginners today!


Santa Cruz’s longboards

Santa Cruz’s longboards

A bit of history

Here are the top reasons Santa Cruz’s longboards and skateboards are so great:

It has passionate team members who care for the community needs and focus on manufacturing. Established in 1973, Richard Novak, Dough Haut and Jay Shuirman are the pioneers of Santa Cruz.

Aside from the business, Richard Novak, the founder, also commented that Santa Cruz is not about money but rather about the love for skateboards. With that vision, Santa Cruz’s iconic logo is the screaming hand, which shows the team’s hardcore spirit for skateboarding.

Over 40 years in the business, Santa Cruz has joined the NHS Inc. family to strengthen its position in the market. Today, NHS Inc. has become a multimillion-dollar company, owning over 13 famous skateboard brands as well.

I was impressed by knowing Santa Cruz is one of the oldest brands in NHS Inc portfolio. As time goes by, the community still continue supporting the brand with such enthusiasm.




Now let’s take a look at the deck quality!

My thoughts for both Santa Cruz longboards and skateboards are fully satisfied. The decks usually consist between 7 to 9 plies maple wood. This gives you a reliable skateboard to have fun over many years to come.

If you love skateboarding, you will love your dear skateboard (longboard). Therefore, I can promise you that the deck won’t easily chip over time, even you perform complex tricks.

There are many types of decks and shapes to consider here, such as:

  • W-concave
  • Concave with kicktail
  • Concave with pintail
  • Concave with shark tail
  • Camber Flex with the drop-down shape

So depending on your style and needs, just have fun with the browsing experience. This is a reputable brand we are talking, you don’t have to worry about the materials and components. You can feel relaxed while picking the best design that matches you.

Test these deck out for yourself on the street!

Designs, artworks, and paintings

Designs, artworks, and paintings

Designs, artworks, and paintings

How cool do you think of Santa Cruz’s art design?

As for me, I really enjoy and appreciate the colorful paintings. Not only the color mixes are attractive to everyone eyes, but also super high detailed.  Since they have lots of creative artists, you should take your time to browse through every style.

I can guarantee that each style and design worth your time! I have to admit losing a couple of hours browsing on the pages.

It feels like I was visiting an art museum!

If you are a funny and outgoing person, why not try some of the cartoon design? They have the iconic screaming hand, ninja turtles, monsters, scary faces, slimeballs, etc.

Make sure to pick the right color mixes that you feel right too!

Or you prefer something dark, wicked, and reserved, just take a look at some Guzman, Winkowski, and Dressen styles. Black is the main theme which goes well with skeletons and skulls artwork.

Your imagination is the limit, so don’t hesitate to check them out!

cruiser decks

cruiser decks

Ok, let’s check out the best-selling cruiser decks that most people love!

I have done some research on NHS store and found out these cool decks get lots of sales. There is no doubt that both the Santa Cruz icon and Ninja Turtle designs are on top sales. Yet Roskpp Face and Sugar Skull are pretty close too.

You can get these deck from $100 for the older designs, up to $164 for the new release one. You have the option to customize or having the standard build-in as follow:

  • ABEC 3 to 7 bearings
  • Krux trucks
  • 78A-60 mm Slimeballs wheels
  • Slimline rails

If you prefer fresh skateboard and not very fond of longboards, here are some interesting styles!

As you can see with these designs, they are professional made deck!

The deck material is even tougher with North American maple wood. I really like the wood finish too, they keep the paintings intact in case I like to shred and slide frequently.

The color mixes are brilliant and give you an energetic feeling at first glance. It seems like there is a soul inside each deck. Yes, the very soul of the artist as they transfer their passion on to the painting.

For these new deck, you also have the choice to customize with additional components. Or just getting the deck since you already have some spare parts at home. It is very stylish to build your own deck too!

These decks are available between $55 to $61, so don’t wait too long though. There are many people out there would like to have their hands on these bad boys.

Also, there are many things to discover in the Santa Cruz store too! Keep on reading!

Other features

What is more?

The NHS store offers other merchandises as well such as cool T-shirts, components, stickers, etc. Feel free to check them out too!

All of the skateboard parts are under warranty of NHS Inc. Trust me on this, I bought several decks from NHS and still don’t have any defects issue over the years. You have all the power to personalize your very dear buddy.

There won’t be any identical skateboard (or longboard) when people buy from Santa Cruz. Usually, people will get an additional sticker or picking a better set of wheels for speed.

This is why I love about the freedom to customize. You can control the cost for each skateboard according to your budget. Then the company will ship the complete skateboard to your doorstep.

That is all for now, I hope to see you again on another topic!