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Biebel scares away an escort – By Diego *crailtap winner

Biebel fields a call from a smokey who can’t handle his brownie. – by Thomas Vandercruysse *crailtap winner

Biebel is R&B smooth – By Tim Savas *crailtap winner

Biebel calls Napoleon Dynamite – by Endo Rosales *crailtap winner

Biebel gets a call from Mel Gibson – Evan Rissi *crailtap winner

Biebel and Fat Joe -by Tom Swift *crailtap winner

Biebel Calls for a Hair Cut – By Steelee Faltis *crailtap winner

Biebel calls 510 skateshop

Biebel calls FTC S.F.

Biebel calls White Chocolate skate shop

Biebel calls Clint Peterson

Biebel calls Dob’s skate shop